maximizing value

a cooperative process

Because WorldView preserves all collected hides using a traditional salting method, care must be taken at every step of the collection and salting process in order to maximize hide value. We ask each of our processors, butchers and locker plants to follow a few simple steps in order to help us maximize hide value. This is most important during the hot summer months, though spoilage can occur in all seasons.

To be effective, raw hides must be kept from excessive heat once removed from the animal. This generally involves draping an individual hide over a collection barrel giving it enough time to “off heat” before being placed inside the barrel for transport. Each successive hide should be given ample time to “off heat” in the same manner before being combined with hides already in the barrel for collection. Hides should be kept in the coolest available space, away from heat until transported. WorldView will do our best to increase our collection days during warm summer months. Additionally, please know that once the hides are in our possession, we take full responsibility for any loss in value during transport to one of our facilities.