The leather industry

A Complex and Global Process

WorldView hides produce some of the finest finished leather in the world. In fact, our collection region has been highlighted time and again by local tanneries for their outstanding grain quality and pattern. Additionally, WorldView has a strong reputation for meeting the specifications of our most trusted Asian tanneries.

Once refined, WorldView hide applications include use in the production of shoes, furniture and various leather garments and fashion accessories.

Dependent on season, WorldView also collects hides and skins from non bovine animals. WorldView also collects the following types of animal:

Northern Type Whitetail Deer

Collecion of Whitetail Deer occurs between the months of November thru February. WorldView collects deer skins primarily from the Great Lakes/Midwest Region. Deer in this area have a reputation for their thickness and quality. They are used to produce designer gloves, handbags and wallets that provide a unique texture and grain pattern in comparison to beef hide selections.