When can I begin pickup service for my hides?

After meeting to discuss your operational needs, we will arrange to modify our routes to include your business within two weeks.

When do I get paid for my hides?

WorldView sends checks for your hide collection the first week of every month.

How do you pick up the hides?

WorldView will send a pickup truck or box truck from our fleet equipped with a liftgate to load your hide barrels.

What if my rendering company threatens to cut off my other services?

WorldView offers a number of solutions for the disposal of your animal byproducts. Please see our section on alternatives to rendering to learn more.

Why should I switch to WorldView?

WorldView actively works to keep you in line with current market conditions. We value integrity and long term business relationships built on trust. We are committed to every processor and locker plant we serve. Without alternative solutions, hide prices would be kept at an absolute minimum by larger companies in the business.


For general reference, WorldView selects our hides based on the following definitions.

Grade 1 / Premium Hide

Free from any holes or deep scores on the flesh side of the hide, and free from any visible grain defects or broken grain on the hair side of the animal. #1 Hides also have a correct trip pattern.

Grade 3 / Out

These hides contain multiple holes, cuts or deep scores. Hides with approximately 50% of the surface area of the hide usable for leather.


The result of exposure to heat or other factors in spoilage. The hair will release from the epidermis.


A smaller hide from a bovine between a calf and a mature animal.