The Exporting Process

Logistical Expertise meets
Full Service Freight Forwarding

Maximizing Value

A Cooperative Process

Our Business Philosophy

Our goal at WorldView is simple
Professional Service/ Fair Market Price

Direct Export Management

Hide Collection

Our collection routes are organized to link butchers, meat processors and locker plants within specific geographic regions. Whenever necessary, we will adjust pickup routes to accommodate changes in collection needs. Our drivers arrive during normal business hours whenever possible. All hide barrels are collected and rotated with clean empty barrels. Before leaving, our drivers will leave a signed and dated collection receipt specifying the exact number of hides collected that day.


On the last day of every month, hide receipts are totaled and checks are issued. Expect payment checks to arrive by the end of the first full week of the new month. Depending on the route, these checks will be mailed or hand delivered by our drivers, along with a complete summary of the number and types of hides collected during the previous month.

Salting / Export

Once collected, our hides are salted and cured at one of our regional warehouses using a traditional dry salting method. This method, dating back thousands of years, is preferred by our Asian tanneries as it preserves the integrity and overall quality of the hide. Additionally, this method gives us the opportunity to trim and sort our hides to meet the order specifications of our tanneries.